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Team Members Deserve a Servant Leader

I routinely with organizations searching for a new leader. During my interactions with hundreds of team members, it became apparent that organizations desire and need a servant leader.

Now, there has been plenty written on Servant Leadership. Robert Greenleaf is mostly credited with articulating these principles to the corporate world. I have heard Mr. Greenleaf referred to as the father of Servant Leadership.

While he was certainly a proponent of servant leadership and helped many, much of what he taught was from ancient teachers and philosophers. Theologians will point to Jesus as the first true servant leader, laying down his life for others. Matthew 7 gives a list of attributes of a servant, including the often quoted, “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them."

Team members throughout

corporate, government, and non-profit organizations want a communicator as the leader. A communicator who is an active listener and exhibits empathy, fairness, humility, and integrity.

Leaders are not Servant leaders unless they understand their responsibility to the organization and team members is beyond their time with the organization. A servant leader mentors, encourages, confronts, and focuses on developing the next generation of leaders to continue current and future excellence.

Leaders come and go, but servant leaders leave a legacy.

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