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As I write this, I am headed back to Alice, Texas after a day in College Station to visit Caleb and the Corps of Cadets. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I couldn't help but thank God for our Country and these young women and men. Many of whom will go on to serve their country in the military.

As Kara and I are currently three hours from home (she is driving), I've been thinking about this year's Thanksgiving. In a time of great division and animosity, let's take time to remember all that we have been given by a gracious God--peace, prosperity, and opportunities that no other country or people have know in the history of the world.

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for a God who loved us so much, that he sent his son; a Son, who loved us so much, that he came and lived a flawless life and was murdered for our sins; and a Holy Spirit who has come to comfort and direct us.

Our thanks can never be expressed in words alone, it must be expressed by living a life according to His purpose. A purpose, which can only be found in the Bible.

Happy Thanksgiving

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