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How I Help.

From training and consulting, my aim is to help leaders take the next step in how they can lead ethically in the 21st century.

From crisis leadership to ethical decision making and risk prevention, my training aims to educate the audience on how to better lead in difficult and challenging times.




With over 30 years of experience in Public Safety and Executive Leadership, my speaking engagements are full of actionable advice for you and your audience. From large venues to small conference rooms, I'm excited to bring my insights to you and your audience.


In today’s world, the public expects information in real time, and they expect to hear it from the leader. If you're looking to improve your media relations efforts, then this consulting session is right for you.





Indianapolis Public Safety Director Troy Riggs is a true law enforcement and public safety leader. Not afraid of hearing suggestions, he has assembled many leaders from the community to make suggestions on public safety improvements. I am honored to be among those he and his team have tapped to provide input on advisory committees. As a former Police Chief myself, and current Dean of the School of Public and Social Services, I fully appreciate the courage it takes to be open to suggestions from the public. Director Riggs is a charismatic and confident leader that is able to manifest that courage in an honorable and service oriented manner.


Troy Riggs is a man of integrity and his work ethics are unparalleled. Spend any time with Troy and you will see his dedication to his work and family are immeasurable. He has an amazing ability to work under pressure and make sound decisions. I hold very few people in such high regard.


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